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Phasing out Red Six Ltd by matt wolfe [cc]

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm phasing out Red Six Ltd as an entity, and will just be doing freelance under my name: Matt Wolfe.

I'll still work with the awesome people I typically collaborate with, and maybe whatever new friends I meet along the way. It doesn't really change much other than who the check is written out to and it simplifies the paper work on my end. YAY!

The new web address will be:

Said address will lead you back to this site. All the various Red Six Ltd site names will still point to this site, and their associated email addresses will still be active as well.

Two Baby Videos! by matt wolfe [cc]

Got to hang out with two sets of parents this past week to see two new babies born!

Baby Genevieve

Congrats to Doug and Jenna on their baby girl. 

And born almost an hour earlier, and three rooms down,

Baby Grace

As it happens, Grace has an older brother Grady. Grady was named after his grandpa. Grady's grandpa was married to a lady whose name was: Genevieve.

Always fun finding out coincidences.  

Congrats to Adam and Steph on their newest addition as well!

Cookies by matt wolfe [cc]

Wanted to test out one of the picture profiles I made for my 7D. This is the Marco profile. MargaretAnne so graciously allowed to make a video while she was in the kitchen making some cookies. The coloring is not too shabby. I think I was saved more by the blue daylight coming in from the window by the sink, though.

Meh, the coloring turned out fine, methinks.


Uganda Video by matt wolfe [cc]

Finally can add my Uganda video. Showed it last night at Eastwood. It was a disaster as the audio fell apart through out the whole video. (SIGH)

But that is why we don't place our hope and joy in technology. The VIMEO version has a slight glitch during one of the interviews, but I'm okay with that. I'm putting this video to bed, it is what is. Now onto other projects.

I will say I'm very pleased with how the coloring turned out. Used the AG Film Stock Look with a slight modification, but only had one guy at the viewing notice the coloring was off. Subtle enough to make you accept it - that's coloring I like.

Why do I do what I do: Part 1 by matt wolfe [cc]

This is based on an interview I gave recently. 

Maybe some of the tips and thoughts can help you in this field as well!

* I don't really have a job title. I do two basic jobs: create video projects and take pictures. Along with that I also dabble in some graphic design. All three seem to be married and knowing more about one makes me better at the others.

* I got into this business because I like stories, and this is an avenue of storytelling; I get to do it with moving pictures and sound or music. 

* The most rewarding part is getting your final product after many hours of pouring all your creative energy into it. You get to step back and look at what God has allowed you to bring into fruition. It can be very humbling, especially when you receive feedback from people who say they were touched, or moved, at the emotional level.

* In my industry there's really no such thing as a traditional resume. You have a demo reel, a portfolio, that you show someone. In this day and age it means you have a website. Then you send out the web address to people, and if they like your work, then you're hired.

* Wages are a little tricky. Sometimes you charge by the total hours needed to complete the project. Other times it's like a bid. You tell  a client you will do a project for "X" amount of dollars, and they accept, give a counter demand, or go find someone else. Sometimes a lot of negotiating goes on. But you can also, instead of freelance work, get hired by an agency or company, then you'll make a salary or hourly wage, and the agency or company will deal with all the project negotiations.