Cookies by matt wolfe [cc]

Wanted to test out one of the picture profiles I made for my 7D. This is the Marco profile. MargaretAnne so graciously allowed to make a video while she was in the kitchen making some cookies. The coloring is not too shabby. I think I was saved more by the blue daylight coming in from the window by the sink, though.

Meh, the coloring turned out fine, methinks.


Picture Profile Comparison Video by matt wolfe [cc]

I normally shoot with Technicolor's Cinestyle profile in my Canon 7D, but I was recently challenged by another cinema photographer to shoot with my color in place (just tweaking the color later) because it would allow me to see the scene the way it was meant to be seen and inspire me to shoot accordingly.

I never really thought about it before, but of course I went about to creating my own picture profiles. 

  • HOPPY is meant to be blown out a little, I like to dial it down to see what coloring I can do with it afterwards.
  • NEUE is meant to be almost a little underexposed so a gamma shift later won't blow it out.
  • MARCO is just a yellow coloring, with maybe some interesting possibilities later in how to color it.
  • And FLAT SODA was my attempt to dial in towards the Cinestyle look but with a little more contrast in it.



Making of WHAT I... by matt wolfe [cc]

So I think I've finally been able to complete my COLOR TEST PROJECT. This is the third generation of the idea, and I think it's finally finished and I can stop going back to it.

Of course with my ever favorite KK in it. The coloring process can be see here below:

All footage was shot on the Canon 7D with a 24mm f1.4L USM lens.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, first color process was in Redgiant Softeware's Magic Bullet Colorista Free 1.0, and the second color process with some FX was done with Digieffects Aged Film.

I shoot only in Technicolor Cinestyle, but the majority of the footage was not shot using it since I hadn't yet adopted the Technicolor Cinestyle at the time, but I highly recommend that picture profile.