Baby Daniel by matt wolfe [cc]

Welcome to the world, baby Daniel!

Notes: It was supposed to be a day where I tested out the Sony a7s by shooting video of Daniel being born... but the memory card failed... and it was the only one I had to shoot XAVC S format in. Thankfully the 5Dmk3 was on standby and I just wanted to capture some basic shots (meaning no plan, arrgh!) but was able to hopefully get some good footage... especially when brother William shows up!

Music: "Sugar" by Katrina Stone (via

Toddler William by matt wolfe [cc]

I'm not sure what the technical term is for William's age here, but recently got a picture gig to break up the pace between videos and graphic design.

Just a little something fun to do. A sampling from the afternoon.

Dad+Mom+Liam+Aiden by matt wolfe [cc]

Finally got around to finishing Aiden's birth video... But it turned into something completely different...

When a second or third kid shows up on the scene, it's just different than when it's the first. I'm not saying it's not any more or less special, rather it's just different. So in light of that, I decided to turn the Aiden birth video into a "new" (again) family video.

Two Baby Videos! by matt wolfe [cc]

Got to hang out with two sets of parents this past week to see two new babies born!

Baby Genevieve

Congrats to Doug and Jenna on their baby girl. 

And born almost an hour earlier, and three rooms down,

Baby Grace

As it happens, Grace has an older brother Grady. Grady was named after his grandpa. Grady's grandpa was married to a lady whose name was: Genevieve.

Always fun finding out coincidences.  

Congrats to Adam and Steph on their newest addition as well!