Carlie + Ricky / by matt wolfe [cc]

I have been retired from wedding videos for awhile now, but I just had to shoot this one since the bride was a friend from this group of friends and sisters whose weddings I’ve all shot. There was this bit of surrealism in shooting this day. My usual assistant had gotten sick, and I had to, on short notice, find a fill in. Then it rained for several hours before the ceremony. The humidity was bonkers; nothing but sweating. The AC went out in the church. But the evening closed out on a happy bride and groom. And it was fun to see so many former bridal couples in attendance, several with their first kid already in tow. One couple even walked up and were like, “Hey, do you remember us?”

It was definitely a fun day.

Shot on Canon C100mk2, 5Dmk3, and DJI Mavic Air. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC with FilmConvert. Music via (Love You Forever by Iolite, Light and Wilderness by Tim Halperin, and Pop of Color by Heather Lee).