Updated pictures by matt wolfe [cc]

Just went and updated a bunch of site pictures, so everything you're seeing now, is the new stuff. 


That's such a top shelf word, isn't it? Awesome... I mean, it's nice - maybe that's a better word.  

Also, separating my personal instagram account from the sites, so now there is - I'll be using that for all my black and whites, I think. 

24mm Lens vs. Garage Floor by matt wolfe [cc]

First time playing, and I didn't know what numbers to pick, so I 'quick pick'ed them all.

First time playing, and I didn't know what numbers to pick, so I 'quick pick'ed them all.

So the Powerball is at like $660 million dollars. So I took a road trip and bought some lottery tickets.

It was a fun time with my bandmate, Wendy. We had both never played the lottery, and figured the cost of a meal was ample enough of an expenditure to place betting on something so statistically impossible we could only equate buying the lottery tickets as pure entertainment anyway.

However, it was getting back to the house where things got interesting.

As I stepped out of the car and put my camera bag on, I heard a thud, a crack - and I knew what happened. Something had fallen out of my bag. What was it? My 24mm f1.4L lens was laying on the ground, tiny speckles of glass shimmered in the light, and there was a big gaping hole in the lens.

An almost Zen-like cloud descended on my brain: "I'm not attached to my lens. It's my favorite lens, but it's just one more thing."

I sighed, picked it up, wondering at the big hole...


But that's also when I realized, "Hey, wait a minute. The lens is fine. That's the lens filter that smashed up, and as long as those glass shards didn't scratch the front lens element, we should be back in business!!!"

And, after using a rubber band to get a better handle on the now death grip clutch of the Tiffen 77mm UV filter hammered into the front of my lens, I unscrewed the filter, used a lens brush to try to knock free the small glass particles still on the front lens element, plugged it into my camera, and it still worked.

$2,000 lens saved by $20 filter.

I'll take that any day I can get it.

For the record, I'm pretty meticulous (perhaps "anal" is a better word) about keeping my gear in good shape, but I never thought I would have needed a lens filter to save my lens.

Thank you, Tiffen!

Phasing out Red Six Ltd by matt wolfe [cc]

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm phasing out Red Six Ltd as an entity, and will just be doing freelance under my name: Matt Wolfe.

I'll still work with the awesome people I typically collaborate with, and maybe whatever new friends I meet along the way. It doesn't really change much other than who the check is written out to and it simplifies the paper work on my end. YAY!

The new web address will be:

Said address will lead you back to this site. All the various Red Six Ltd site names will still point to this site, and their associated email addresses will still be active as well.

New Website Look by matt wolfe [cc]

Been working on a slimmer new design for the website. Have tried importing the blog, and some stuff is off. And instead of going back and re-formatting everything... well... it may well be that some stuff is just going to be off. Soon the site will be live, and we'll see how it goes from there.

Alabama Gives Day by matt wolfe [cc]

R6L always likes to support nonprofits, and would like to promote Alabama Gives Day for nonprofits in Alabama. If you would like to take a look around and see what's out there, almost all the nonprofits should have a short bio as well as whether or not it has been certified as a 501(c)3 organization or not. Take a look around and give a little help. Every little bit counts.