Lake Party footage by matt wolfe [cc]

Was at the lake on Saturday, and picked up some footage with the 7D and DP4-evf. Well, before I accidentally karate kicked KK while tubing. We left early after that, so didn't get as much footage as I would have liked spending the day on the lake. But here is what I got, and it was a good run with the 7D and DP4-evf combo - I used them together for 4 shoots so far and still haven't had to charge the batteries for the DP4-evf yet. We'll see how long they last...

For the coloring, I just wanted to use the Colorista Free from Magic Bullet. Crush the blues, highlight the yellows, and desaturate some. Not bad for a free coloring tool.

Uganda Video by matt wolfe [cc]

Finally can add my Uganda video. Showed it last night at Eastwood. It was a disaster as the audio fell apart through out the whole video. (SIGH)

But that is why we don't place our hope and joy in technology. The VIMEO version has a slight glitch during one of the interviews, but I'm okay with that. I'm putting this video to bed, it is what is. Now onto other projects.

I will say I'm very pleased with how the coloring turned out. Used the AG Film Stock Look with a slight modification, but only had one guy at the viewing notice the coloring was off. Subtle enough to make you accept it - that's coloring I like.