Liam Goes to the Zoo by matt wolfe [cc]

Had some unsed footage of Liam at his first trip to the zoo, decided to use it for the latest Vimeo Weekend Project: Stredit (or "straight edit" - must use all clips from a shoot, and must use them in sequential order).

Will Liam remember his day at the Zoo? Who knows, but it's was something flex the creative muscles, I suppose.

"Half Invisible" by The Shivers (

Pretty Much Whatever is Awesome Channel by matt wolfe [cc]

So I have started a collection of Vimeo videos I've come across over the last year or so that have been, perhaps, inspirational, something that made me laugh (out loud), something that I really enjoyed; essentially, anything that was pretty awesome.

So if you are bored, have a minute, and want to partake in some awesomeness, check out these videos from some pretty talented people.

I warn you, if you are "safe" in your morality, not all of these will be for you. Some of these are artsy, perhaps earthy, too earthy; some may not make sense; some you might consider inappropriate at best. 

But sometimes I think you pass through the storm instead of trying to go around it.


Want to hear my sultry voice? by matt wolfe [cc]

I'm one of the Vimeo community members to have helped at the Vimeo School, so now if you want to hear my sultry voice, you can watch my tutorials on how to transcode and compress your video for upload to Vimeo if you are using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, CS4 and After Effects CS5 (version 10) by going here:


Maybe I'll make some more tutorials as well!