Phasing out Red Six Ltd by matt wolfe [cc]

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm phasing out Red Six Ltd as an entity, and will just be doing freelance under my name: Matt Wolfe.

I'll still work with the awesome people I typically collaborate with, and maybe whatever new friends I meet along the way. It doesn't really change much other than who the check is written out to and it simplifies the paper work on my end. YAY!

The new web address will be: www.mattwolfe.cc

Said address will lead you back to this site. All the various Red Six Ltd site names will still point to this site, and their associated email addresses will still be active as well.

Two Baby Videos! by matt wolfe [cc]

Got to hang out with two sets of parents this past week to see two new babies born!

Baby Genevieve

Congrats to Doug and Jenna on their baby girl. 

And born almost an hour earlier, and three rooms down,

Baby Grace

As it happens, Grace has an older brother Grady. Grady was named after his grandpa. Grady's grandpa was married to a lady whose name was: Genevieve.

Always fun finding out coincidences.  

Congrats to Adam and Steph on their newest addition as well!

Sailing Sofia: Redux by matt wolfe [cc]

Decided to go back to an old project and make "touch ups" with what I know now versus then. I suppose it goes to show that no project is ever really done, it's just put down for a spell until the next time...

New music (Areials "Home" via TheMusicBed.com), new color grading, and moved around some clips as well.

Since it's instrumental, I'm debating still whether or not to have included ambient noise to match it, even subtle ambient noise is good sometimes. We'll see, maybe I'll make that change later.

The little girl is my niece, and it was her first time on a boat, first time driving, and first time fishing. Not too shabby for a sail in the Gulf of Mexico.

New Website Look by matt wolfe [cc]

Been working on a slimmer new design for the website. Have tried importing the blog, and some stuff is off. And instead of going back and re-formatting everything... well... it may well be that some stuff is just going to be off. Soon the site will be live, and we'll see how it goes from there.

Lauryn+Brad by matt wolfe [cc]

Lauryn+Brad: Extended Cut from R6L [matt wolfe] on Vimeo.

Lauryn said she wanted something different than a wedding trailer, something with more of her and Brad in it - not just a song/highlights video. I opted to experiment with a more straightforward cut of the footage from the day with more of a focus on more "footage" less "music video". I included ambient noises from the day, and more audio from the ceremony. 

Music: When I am Old and Gray by The Candlepark Stars
Music Licensed by TheMusicBed.com

Whittington+Wesley by matt wolfe [cc]

Got to hang out with Wesley and Whittington for their special day. It was slightly hectic in that the rain stopped just in time for pictures and then picked up a little during the ceremony and rained during the reception. But I guess we take what we can get, right? 

And they had some deep fryers out there at the reception, frying up fish, chicken, hushpuppies - classic Southern cuisine.

Also, this is the first project I've gotten to use the Canon 5DmkIII on. I was really blown away by the low light capability of the mkIII.

I will say the thing that just blew my mind was Wesley and how he asked Whittington to marry him. Whittington was the first girl he ever said he "I love you" too, and he didn't say it until he had the ring in his hand to give to her. Watch the video to find out why.

And a little shoutout to TheMusicBed.com for having an awesome music selection in which to license a great track for this video.