Cookies by matt wolfe [cc]

Wanted to test out one of the picture profiles I made for my 7D. This is the Marco profile. MargaretAnne so graciously allowed to make a video while she was in the kitchen making some cookies. The coloring is not too shabby. I think I was saved more by the blue daylight coming in from the window by the sink, though.

Meh, the coloring turned out fine, methinks.


5DtoRGB plugin test: Round 1 by matt wolfe [cc]

Recently saw the following video by Chris Marino dealing with Rarevision's free 5DtoRGB plugin that transcodes your h.264 MOV files from DSLRs so that they can better be color corrected.

A free plugin? Yes, I'll take it!

After transcoding a h.264 MOV file into uncompressed 10-bit with the plugin, I put it through a basic trial test, here below.


Well, the file was originally about 300 MB. Uncompressed it was 12.5 GB.

The artifacts were almost negligible at best. Of course, I was doing only basic color correcting, and no effects were done to the video footage. I'm sure the compressed file will fall apart more the more that is done to it. To be sure, I'll do some more tests later. But here is the first round.

X-Factor Auditions Montgomery by matt wolfe [cc]

I was at the local affiliate X-Factor auditions downtown at the train shed and shot some video. I was really just shooting to 1) shoot something and make a quick video just because, and 2) I still needed footage to test out the variable ND filter I just picked up.

Realized I need to do some real comparison test shots with the ND filter attached with other filter still on lens, without UV filter (that I keep on to weather-seal my lens), and without the variable ND filter. Noticed some degredation of the sharpness, but I imagine that's what happens when you add an additional two pieces of glass to the front of your lens.


downtown auditions from R6L [matt wolfe] on Vimeo.