At some country estates by matt wolfe [cc]

Got a call to shoot some pics out at various estates. Took around 938 pictures just walking around. Definitely one of those "this is how the other half lives" moments. One estate was 1000+ acres and had just had $4.6 million in construction done on it, including stables, kennel, and a lodge. There was another $3 million lodge, and then lastly, a primary residence near city limits. 

It was hot walking around, but I always enjoy a good view.

Toddler William by matt wolfe [cc]

I'm not sure what the technical term is for William's age here, but recently got a picture gig to break up the pace between videos and graphic design.

Just a little something fun to do. A sampling from the afternoon.

Jason and Traci Family Pictures by matt wolfe [cc]

Jason called me up as he wanted to get his wife a birthday present.

"Can you take some pictures for me?"

Sure, I said.

Picture Profile Comparison Video by matt wolfe [cc]

I normally shoot with Technicolor's Cinestyle profile in my Canon 7D, but I was recently challenged by another cinema photographer to shoot with my color in place (just tweaking the color later) because it would allow me to see the scene the way it was meant to be seen and inspire me to shoot accordingly.

I never really thought about it before, but of course I went about to creating my own picture profiles. 

  • HOPPY is meant to be blown out a little, I like to dial it down to see what coloring I can do with it afterwards.
  • NEUE is meant to be almost a little underexposed so a gamma shift later won't blow it out.
  • MARCO is just a yellow coloring, with maybe some interesting possibilities later in how to color it.
  • And FLAT SODA was my attempt to dial in towards the Cinestyle look but with a little more contrast in it.



CineStyle Picture style for CANON EOS SLRs by matt wolfe [cc]

Technicolor has released a new superflat style for all you HDSLR users to help "flatten" images and preserve details for when you color correct later.

On the left I have CineStyle loaded in my one of my custom presets. On the right I have the flattest image that can be made with the neutral preset and contrast at zero.

I wasn't on a tripod when I did this, but it's pretty close.