Mixing Colours Video by matt wolfe [cc]

Once again, getting around to trying to learn more about coloring video, at least, how to use my editing software to color, and took some old footage from a different project of Marg (who is probably my favorite person to shoot video of - she's just a lot of fun) and re-made the project from scratch.

This is footage back from my 7D days, but I like it nonetheless. I think more and more I'm seeing that coloring video should be subtle - you should never just say, "Look at how blue the darks are," or, "That's soooo purple..." It should seem perfectly normal once they hit the play button, even when, after you think about, it's obviously not how we see things in reality.

If you're watching this, hopefully Vimeo has fixed the HD aspect. Some kind of error uploading, it'll probably be tomorrow before they fix it though.

Cheers, anyway.

Beautiful by matt wolfe [cc]

Marg wanted to paint, and I wanted to color. So she painted canvas, and I colored video.

My first project using Colorista II after going through some lessons from others. 

Shot on a Canon 7D with the 24mm f1.4L. My borrowed slider had some technical issues at the beginning, hence only two shots have it in it.

Edited in Adobe After Effects CS5.5.

I Gotta Color by matt wolfe [cc]

I finally bit the bullet and got some more coloring plug-ins for After Effects. This is my first real trial run with Magic Bullet Colorista II. Plus, it helped that I got to see someone in action coloring their footage, so this is my run at it as well. I actually quite like what Colorista II is able to give me.

Shot at Kraze with the ever enjoyable Kadie. 

BOOM! I filmed her anyway after she got embarrased. 

Shot on a 7D, using Technicolor Cinestyle, colored in After Effects using default color correction processes as well as Colorista II.

Picture Profile Comparison Video by matt wolfe [cc]

I normally shoot with Technicolor's Cinestyle profile in my Canon 7D, but I was recently challenged by another cinema photographer to shoot with my color in place (just tweaking the color later) because it would allow me to see the scene the way it was meant to be seen and inspire me to shoot accordingly.

I never really thought about it before, but of course I went about to creating my own picture profiles. 

  • HOPPY is meant to be blown out a little, I like to dial it down to see what coloring I can do with it afterwards.
  • NEUE is meant to be almost a little underexposed so a gamma shift later won't blow it out.
  • MARCO is just a yellow coloring, with maybe some interesting possibilities later in how to color it.
  • And FLAT SODA was my attempt to dial in towards the Cinestyle look but with a little more contrast in it.