magic bullet

Crayons by matt wolfe [cc]

Wanted to get out and do some more test shots with the Cinevate Atlas FLT (as well as continue to work with using Magic Bullet's Colorista II), and so this is my weekend creative video.

It was inspired by a pinterest pin that Marg told me about. We planned to shoot it like three weeks ago, but things never worked out until this weekend. Which is good, because I got the Atlas FLT in two weeks ago.

Tubs decided she would be in the video as well - I'm proud of her, because a year ago she hated being on camera.

So here's to what we can do with crayons, yes? 

Eastwood Christian Promo by matt wolfe [cc]

Had some older footage from an Eastwood Christian School project that was put on hold, and decided to make a short promo with it so I could test out my coloring (still - always doing that I suppose) and a new slow motion tecnique (slowing clips in one timeline to 80% of original speed, then placing into another timeline and slowing that timeline down another 80%) I just heard about.

Not too shabby. If only I could've decided more with where I wanted to go with my coloring. Oh well, here it is nonetheless.

I Gotta Color by matt wolfe [cc]

I finally bit the bullet and got some more coloring plug-ins for After Effects. This is my first real trial run with Magic Bullet Colorista II. Plus, it helped that I got to see someone in action coloring their footage, so this is my run at it as well. I actually quite like what Colorista II is able to give me.

Shot at Kraze with the ever enjoyable Kadie. 

BOOM! I filmed her anyway after she got embarrased. 

Shot on a 7D, using Technicolor Cinestyle, colored in After Effects using default color correction processes as well as Colorista II.

Cold Water Rises - Mary Grace Owen by matt wolfe [cc]

Improntu video of Mary Grace recording her song Cold Water Rises. First time trying to sync video and music and all that - I thought it turned out pretty well. We're making plans to shoot a real music video for her sometime soon, so be on the look out!

Thanks to Sam Street for music editing and providing some of the guitar work.

Mary Grace did the vocals, background vocals, and primary guitar work.

Emily Owen connected Mary Grace and me, and as a result, this video even exists. Cheers, Emily!

Picture Profile Comparison Video by matt wolfe [cc]

I normally shoot with Technicolor's Cinestyle profile in my Canon 7D, but I was recently challenged by another cinema photographer to shoot with my color in place (just tweaking the color later) because it would allow me to see the scene the way it was meant to be seen and inspire me to shoot accordingly.

I never really thought about it before, but of course I went about to creating my own picture profiles. 

  • HOPPY is meant to be blown out a little, I like to dial it down to see what coloring I can do with it afterwards.
  • NEUE is meant to be almost a little underexposed so a gamma shift later won't blow it out.
  • MARCO is just a yellow coloring, with maybe some interesting possibilities later in how to color it.
  • And FLAT SODA was my attempt to dial in towards the Cinestyle look but with a little more contrast in it.