CGM Christmas Store Timelapse by matt wolfe [cc]

Put together my first timelapse project for the Common Ground Montgomery's 6th Annual Christmas Store. I'd done one test about a month ago with the timelapse goal, and edited one several years ago, but this is my first full project.

I also took some liberties in that I the timelapse is the background for the message. I think it came together, especially with Moby's "Study War" song, courtesy of mobygratis.com.

For the timelapse itself I used a Canon 7D, and for the video elements at the tail end, I used a 5Dmk3.

CGM Intern Video by matt wolfe [cc]

Finally finished up shooting and editing the Common Ground Montgomery Summer Resident Mission recruitment video.

 Originally started shooting in June, when the interns first arrived at CGM. Shot the last interview with Bryan Kelly yesterday afternoon (needed a :45 second tag line from him), inserted the interview, graded it, and finished about 1:30 A.M.

The hardest part was finding music, but Kevin King provided that through his contacts, yet it was necessary to find a "hip hop" flavor to the music. Since hip hop doesn't necessarily speak to my soul, that was probably the biggest challenge to the whole video.

I used three different color grades (technically four, but the last two only have a slight exposure difference with a little more focus on natural looking color temperature, but is probably indiscernible when the change occurs. The first minute or so, with all the slow slider shots was graded to appear as if historical. The first hip hop song has a desaturated grade, and then as soon as the interviews start, the final grade begins. It's all pretty quick. 

Shot on a Canon 5Dmk3 and 7D, edited in Premiere Pro CS6.

Sailing Sofia: Redux by matt wolfe [cc]

Decided to go back to an old project and make "touch ups" with what I know now versus then. I suppose it goes to show that no project is ever really done, it's just put down for a spell until the next time...

New music (Areials "Home" via TheMusicBed.com), new color grading, and moved around some clips as well.

Since it's instrumental, I'm debating still whether or not to have included ambient noise to match it, even subtle ambient noise is good sometimes. We'll see, maybe I'll make that change later.

The little girl is my niece, and it was her first time on a boat, first time driving, and first time fishing. Not too shabby for a sail in the Gulf of Mexico.