colorista free

Making of WHAT I... by matt wolfe [cc]

So I think I've finally been able to complete my COLOR TEST PROJECT. This is the third generation of the idea, and I think it's finally finished and I can stop going back to it.

Of course with my ever favorite KK in it. The coloring process can be see here below:

All footage was shot on the Canon 7D with a 24mm f1.4L USM lens.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, first color process was in Redgiant Softeware's Magic Bullet Colorista Free 1.0, and the second color process with some FX was done with Digieffects Aged Film.

I shoot only in Technicolor Cinestyle, but the majority of the footage was not shot using it since I hadn't yet adopted the Technicolor Cinestyle at the time, but I highly recommend that picture profile.

Lake Party footage by matt wolfe [cc]

Was at the lake on Saturday, and picked up some footage with the 7D and DP4-evf. Well, before I accidentally karate kicked KK while tubing. We left early after that, so didn't get as much footage as I would have liked spending the day on the lake. But here is what I got, and it was a good run with the 7D and DP4-evf combo - I used them together for 4 shoots so far and still haven't had to charge the batteries for the DP4-evf yet. We'll see how long they last...

For the coloring, I just wanted to use the Colorista Free from Magic Bullet. Crush the blues, highlight the yellows, and desaturate some. Not bad for a free coloring tool.