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Kendall+Matthew by matt wolfe [cc]

I finally get to release this out into the wild: Kendall+Matthew --- congrats on getting married! 

Had a fun time shooting with this group - including all the Alpha Gamma Deltas from Auburn University. 

At some weddings I'm in interaction mode, and at some weddings I'm in, what I like to call, Gus Burton's "stealth mode". I don't interact with a lot of people but I'm recording a lot. And with this shoot I think that paid off, and that I've succeeded in keeping to my video mantra: "Make every video better than all the ones before it." 

Music: "Ready for Anything" by Landon Austin (via
Ceremony: Christ Church. 
Reception: The Oaks Plantation.

Shot on 5Dmk3 and 7D.
Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Type: Felt Tip Roman, Proxima Nova, Muli

Notes: I went back to my original shooting philosophy (after trying to not do it for my last wedding) where I try to ease into revealing the bride and groom's faces. Occurs beginning at 0:31 to show Kendall with focus pull, followed by Matthew in next shot, also a focus pull. Oddly enough, I went with detail shots for groom afterward and tried to introduce bridesmaids with Kendall. Tried to do a series of alternating groom+ /bride+ shots, ending that series with groom+ walking away and bride+ walking towards camera; segue to location change to church.

Standard lead up of ceremony: establishing location shot, guests arriving, guests signing book, seating. Everything up till now has been timed to change on ~2 second beats (give or take - the bass/ percussion seems to drop or add a few frames from time to time), but dissolves and longer shots enter when dad gives bride away. Also, went straight from kiss to first dance, then added cake cutting before bride's dance with father for thematic's sake. Then shots back to keeping time until bouquet and garter toss, then timed to "bell" sound until sparklers/ exit/ last kiss.

Cue credits.

Then my favorite shot of the day: bride and groom, out of focus in foreground, with their reception going on behind them. In hindsight, I would have re-shot scene so the shadow from guy walking on left side of screen wouldn't be a distraction. I'd never done this shot before, but it was my answer to what I felt like was lack of B+G shots at the time.

Other considerations: Bride had seen my other videos where the same ceremony and reception locations had been used. So I purposely tried to shoot all different shots than I'd done in previous videos at these same locations; at least, different framing of similarly themed shots.