CGM/H2H Thank You Volunteers

A "Thank You" video for the volunteer banquet of Common Ground Montgomery, House to House, and YES Montgomery.

CGM: Summer Resident Mission

Purpose: Recruit college students to west Montgomery to run a summer camp and be immersed in urban ministry with Common Ground Montgomery; everything from academics to outdoor field days to paintball to bible studies and small group time and more. It can be an exhausting summer for sure, but more rewarding that you can imagine. Come learn about racial reconciliation (Montgomery, Alabama, is a city with a rich history in the Civil Rights movement), mercy and incarnational ministry, kinship, and how to love your neighbor, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or ability.

Visit for more information.

Ridge Church: Here. Now.

Video for Ridge Church ( for their September 2013 launch date for official start of worship/ church service.

First shoot with my own summer intern - who, as it happens, spent most of the time keeping a barking dog from barking like crazy during the shoot.

CGM Christmas Store

Common Ground Montgomery's 6th Annual Christmas Store is shown in timelapse form.

The goal of the Christmas Store is 1) Provide the kids in our programs the joy of receiving some toys for Christmas that they might not otherwise get, and 2) Offer the parents and guardians of these kids the gift of dignity as they are provided an opportunity to purchase toys at an affordable rate.

Notes: This my first real timelapse project. That's why I used the 7D over the 5Dmk3. I'd done one test before, and edited one prior, but first real project by myself. I enabled hyperthreading on my CPU when I exported, but I don't know if that contributed to the 6+ hour export time --- well, hyperthreading with maximum depth rendering. It was a fun project to work on, though it didn't quite turn out as I expected. The first day, not very many people showed up. By the last day, it picked up well. Overall, a good experience, and I'm eager to try out a new timelapse project, but this time with more settings/ scenes.

The Todd Road Incident

In a post-Civil Rights era in Montgomery, Alabama, were two white police officers assaulted and held hostage by a black family in a poor neighborhood? Was this a result of police brutality? What really happened at Todd Road in 1983 and what happened as a result?

One civic organization found its inception as a result of so many questions with so few answers.

The Todd Road Incident: The Origin of Leadership Montgomery.


A documentary project by the Civic Enhancement Group of Class XXVII of Leadership Montgomery.

Produced via resources from WCOV and Woods Communication Corp.

Editors and Photographers: Matt Wolfe & Drew Woods.