Aiden is One!

Happy birthday to this little butterball! Aiden is turning one, and this is just some footage from the past year to show how much he's grown - from newborn to now!

120 Notes

Creative Project // This was an idea that stemmed from another project where the object was to have a new shot every second. My music selection didn't work out (just felt out of sync with shot changes every second but with musical notes changing in a different rhythm), so I changed it to 100 notes, but the song needed to go to 120 notes before it could end well. So that's how this project was born.

Going to Nashville

Vignette + Music Video // Jessica decided to leave Auburn University to see if she could make it in Nashville 

Welcoming Home Cpt. Paul Julian

Welcome Home Soldier // Got to help welcome home Captain Paul Julian, USAF, from Afghanistan with the help of some friends, family, and co-workers.

Sailing Sofia

Kaelani went sailing and fishing for the first time // Never on a sailboat before, and honestly, was worried my camera equipment would fall overboard, but it was a fun time for all, even little Kaelani

Please, Please - Dust Project

Dust Experiment // Just a little video experiment mixing the idea of dust and hope and reality... Maybe, anyway.

Thanks to Justin McRoberts for letting me use his song!!!

Mixing Colours

Video + Music // Marg likes to do creative projects, and sometimes I'll make a video out of it.