100mm with me by matt wolfe [cc]

Had the 100mm f2.8L macro with me while I was in Gulf Shores for the Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon. Thought I would take a few snaps out on the Todd land.

120 Notes by matt wolfe [cc]

120 Notes was originally a concept for a "60 Seconds" project - where 1 second is 1 shot . It evolved into 100 Seconds (I liked the number over sixty), but I couldn't find music that I liked at one-second intervals. 100 Seconds became 100 Notes, but in this particular piece there are 121 notes, but with 120 with Marg and one of black at the beginning.

I'd been trying to get this project done since before the summer started, but I could never get it to work, or really look, the way I wanted it to, after three different shoots.

Randomly saw a Philip Bloom ( blog about FilmConvert (, and decided to give the demo a try. I really liked it, and decided to work it into this 120 Notes project.

I completely reworked the sequence shots from my earlier attempts, and decided on the Polaroid 600 film emulation.

FilmConvert plugin (via
Music: A Boy with Wings by The Candlepark Stars (via

Jessica Williams' Nashville-bound by matt wolfe [cc]

Shot a vignette on Jessica Williams and her Nashville ambitions and similarly titled song. 

Shot first part of the interview on Sunday, b-roll and second interview on Monday, then the studio recording on Tuesday. Song master was delivered on Wednesday, and started that night at 9 P.M. editing, and finished both parts of the vignette by lunch on Thursday. 

Needless to say, it's been a long week. 

The above video is the vignette, and the video below is just the music video for the Nashville track. 

DP/ Editor: Matt Wolfe
AC/ Grip: John Clark Payne
Sound Engineer: Jeremy Sanders (of Atmosphere Recordings)
Music bed: "The Time to Run" by Dexter Britain

Nashville Vocals & Guitar: Jessica Williams
Nashville Guitar, Mandolin & Cello: Austin Cain
Nashville Background Vocals: Kendall Williams


Ridge Church: Here. Now. by matt wolfe [cc]

Went out to Wetumpka, Alabama, two weeks ago and shot the interview portion of this video with Trip Healey. It's a video to setup the official launch date for Ridge Church's first official worship service in September.

Originally Trip wanted the b-roll shots to be of just around Wetumpka, but the more I drove around, the more I just thought that it wouldn't work very well. After some panicking and anxiety and then and stopping trying to "force" it to work, I redid some of the b-roll shots with just magnetic letters I got from the local mass retail warehouse, and just tried to let it be a more, simplistic revelation/ revealing style. I think, in the end, it turned out well. 

This was also my first shoot with my own summer intern - high schooler student John Clarke. On the first day of shooting, JC spent most of his time wrangling a wandering dog that was super excited that we were around. To be honest, if JC hadn't been there, I don't know how I would have ever been able to get the interview done. 

Cheers for the help, JC. 

Shot on Canon 5Dmk3 and 7D. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6.

Music by Dexter Britain ( via The Music Bed (


At some country estates by matt wolfe [cc]

Got a call to shoot some pics out at various estates. Took around 938 pictures just walking around. Definitely one of those "this is how the other half lives" moments. One estate was 1000+ acres and had just had $4.6 million in construction done on it, including stables, kennel, and a lodge. There was another $3 million lodge, and then lastly, a primary residence near city limits. 

It was hot walking around, but I always enjoy a good view.

Toddler William by matt wolfe [cc]

I'm not sure what the technical term is for William's age here, but recently got a picture gig to break up the pace between videos and graphic design.

Just a little something fun to do. A sampling from the afternoon.