XCOM Keep Calm by matt wolfe [cc]

I don't know if you know, but I (Matt) am a big nerd. Even though I love making videos, I also enjoy playing video games.

Firaxis and 2KGames are actually about to release a game that was originally made when I was in late middle school/ high school. And even though I'm not a graphic designer, I thought I'd do some mock ups in honor of a game that brings back many fond memories of alien killing and defending the earth moments when I was a wee lad... XCOM: Enemy Unkown

Recruitment Pitch Poster

The mission is obvious.

The tactics are simple.

Recruit, you may exit the Skyranger now. Don't die.

Based off the WWII British "Keep Calm" posters, I thought I would add in some basic statements you might actually read if the events in XCOM were real. I drew the logo based on logo from of the XCOM main sight, then downloaded another artist's rendition of the KEEP CALM font, which is pretty spot on I think.

UPDATE: Got a request for a Skyranger one.