David Wilcox Concert by matt wolfe [cc]

Randomly saw that Wilcox was playing in Auburn on a Thursday night. Even though I couldn't find anyone that could go on short notice, I drove to Auburn with the thinking: "Hey, I AM WORTH going to see Wilcox solo."

I always enjoy Wilcox and his profundity revealed by weaving song and story-telling together.

Here are some things I was able to jot down:

"The hardest songs to write are the ones about the beauty we take for granted."

"Human hearts don't work until they're broken; it's counter-intuitive."

"...a conversation where I have that righteous anger, and it's no longer a conversation; in the time they're talking, I'm reloading..."

"Divers die from coming up too fast from the depths. Musicians die from coming down from the heights. Because nobody teaches them how..."