Jessica Williams' Nashville-bound by matt wolfe [cc]

Shot a vignette on Jessica Williams and her Nashville ambitions and similarly titled song. 

Shot first part of the interview on Sunday, b-roll and second interview on Monday, then the studio recording on Tuesday. Song master was delivered on Wednesday, and started that night at 9 P.M. editing, and finished both parts of the vignette by lunch on Thursday. 

Needless to say, it's been a long week. 

The above video is the vignette, and the video below is just the music video for the Nashville track. 

DP/ Editor: Matt Wolfe
AC/ Grip: John Clark Payne
Sound Engineer: Jeremy Sanders (of Atmosphere Recordings)
Music bed: "The Time to Run" by Dexter Britain

Nashville Vocals & Guitar: Jessica Williams
Nashville Guitar, Mandolin & Cello: Austin Cain
Nashville Background Vocals: Kendall Williams