Civil Wars "20 Years" video contest / by matt wolfe [cc]

Made a video to enter into the contest to be the official music video for The Civil Wars "20 Years" track. Will we win? Meh, who knows, but I had a lot of fun shooting this video - and it was all guerrilla style, too. 

Equipment list:
Canon 5Dmk3
Canon 24mm f1.4L with Fader ND
smallHD dp4 monitor
Gearbox GB-1 cage
1 prop camera from a pawn shop

Thanks to Ben and Carley (of Ellington Way) for being in it.

UPDATE: I thought I might try an explain the video, now as the competition is over, so here are the director's notes.

I'm not sure if I really pulled off what I was intending, but part of it was a subtle narrative. All the other entrants had very linear stories, and when I think about past moments, they're never really linear. Yes, maybe I can remember a beginning, middle and end, but usually at the end I'm already remembering something new about the beginning or middle. So I wanted to try and put forward something that was slightly jumbled, but more symbolic than straight forward.

Also, initially, I wasn't going to show the faces of the guy and girl, at all. But two shots wouldn't have worked without it, so I just let them sit.

  • First, I framed the first three scenes with the last three scenes (apart from the camera crank shot of the last scene). Beginning: Girl looking out window and holding curtain, Guy walking away from barn - right to left, Girl walking in field - following; Ending: Girl walking into barn - following, Guy walking on railroad tracks - right to left, Girl looking out window and letting go of curtain.
  • In no scene do guy and girl touch except near the end when they sit near each other; they are really close in another scene, but it is indiscernible whether or not they are actually touching
  • Every following scene is identical location to guy and girl: guy into barn (at the beginning), girl into barn (at the end), guy in field (center tree), girl in field (center tree); guy near bush, girl near bush
  • Every following scene is differentiated in that the follow cam is rocky with the guy, but smooth with the girl
  • In the beginning note writing scene, it is the girl, at the end, it is the guy - the song never really says who is writing the note --- so I kept the trend of ambiguity. Who wrote the note? Maybe they both did. Maybe nobody really did.

And ambiguity seems the point of the song as well. So I tried to keep the video there. What happened in the video? Well, you don't really know for sure. What happened in the song? Well, you don't really know for sure. You know something happened, and it has an element of shame, secrecy, and the desire for redemption...  So I tried to put a video together that might could hold that vibe up as well.