Ashunti + Chris / by matt wolfe [cc]

Congrats to Ashunti & Chris on getting married!

I usually get a feel for musical likes based on the couple's reception playlist. One of the hardest, to me, genres to really find good indie music for is R&B, and, well, any hip hop that you think could work for a wedding. There is a good bit of indie hip hop that can work for a reception, once you parse through for language, but with R&B, most of the R&B tracks I listened to, regardless of great sound, thematically dealt with loss. Not something you want for a wedding video. I was so nervous that Ashunti wasn't going to like to music I picked out for her video. (I was sweating bullets, for real!) But in the end, they loved it.

Music: "Honeymoon" by Johnny Stimson, "Alive" by Tyrone Briggs (via Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Shot on Canon 5dmk3 and C100mk2.