Why do I do what I do: Part 2 / by matt wolfe [cc]

* In college I was a Broadcast Journalism major with minors in Latin and Creative Writing. Ultimately these areas of concentration are not the best for the field I'm in. But you have to take into account there are four basic considerations in this type of field: technical, creative, critique, and management/administration. The last one you don't have to take any classes in the field, per se, but having familiarity will make one a better manager/administrator.

Technical: Classes that deal with the mechanical and application of the field. This is where you learn how to create a finished product of what is already inside your head. Taking the mental picture and creating an actual picture for the world to experience. This would include the classes you take if you were studying a program in college for this. Majors and classes would be, but not limited to, the following: Photography 101, Mass Communications, Graphic Design, Film & TV, Cinematography, Production, Lighting, Non-linear Editing, Stagecraft

Creative: This is something that isn't learned, per se, but is influenced. This is where all the abstract comes in, where you obtain and experience the art and humanity of others. This is what helps CREATE, or rather, CULTIVATE, the mental picture in your mind. It can be integrated with the critique, but can also be it's own separate entity. Classes might be: Literature, Art History, Studies Abroad, Poetry, History, Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Physics, Music Appreciation, Speech and Debate, Political Science, Anthropology, Biology, Classics, Mythology, Fairy Tales and Fables, Drama

Critique: I separate this from the above because there are classes where you take a more critical thinking approach rather than just "experiencing" the art and humanity of others. It is usually where you learn to see different sides approach the same argument. It can diminish the "free bird" part of us all if you stay too long in this area, but it helps in seeing what others judgments are. Classes would be: Criticism of British Lit, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation (usually any of the upper level courses in your major that are not technical in nature)

* I'm not in it for the money, or the position, or for anyone else. I'm in it for me, because it's how God made me, and it's how I see Him as well.

* My advice: Read Fairy Tales. Pick up a camera and start taking pictures. Watch lots of movies. Read lots of books. Understand that, as DG Barnhouse says, elements of the Gospel can be seen in every aspect of life - so why not go on an adventure and see where elements of the Beauty of God pop up - even from people who don't believe in Him, or people who hate Him. God is the Ultimate Beauty, therefore every other beauty is a shadow He casts. And it's neat to see those all over the place.

I was told once that we can only tell what we know. So maybe what we share, creatively, flows from what we experience, both in the darkness and trials of fallen humanity, and in the joys and laughters of how God created us; from weeping widows to newborn babies to first kisses and battlefield deaths... It is all the great story of God, and we are little storytellers as well.